Are Your Physician Jobs Ready for Mobile-geddon?

The digital world of many web sites owners, managers, and operators was thrown into utter chaos on April 21st when Google changed their ranking algorithm. Yes, Google does keep their algorithms as moving targets in an effort to keep their paid search business healthy – but this one was different. For the first time web sites that are not optimized for viewing on mobiles devices got penalized in search results. Tech journalists have been buzzing about this change for quite some time – here is what one had to say dating back to February when the change was first announced by Google:
On February 26, Google dropped a major bomb in a seemingly-casual blog post on mobile-friendly search results. While the engine has always made mobile-readiness and the easy access of information a priority, it has now spelled out that it will use mobile-friendliness as a stronger ranking signal than ever before. It will also increase the presence of relevant app content in the search results. So what does that mean for you?

Basically, if you’ve been holding out on implementing a mobile strategy for your business website, it’s time to make this a top priority.Eric Siu,

What does this mean to physician recruiters? If you want your jobs to be found organically by candidates you need to make mobile optimization of the jobs posted on your in-house web site a priority, AND you need to be partnering with mobile optimized physician job boards now. Want more incentive on why mobile optimization is critical to the success of your physician recruiting efforts? Read the stats below from a study done by Kantar Media about smart phone use by doctors.
The Kantar Media Sources & Interactions Study, March 2013 – Medical/Surgical Edition found that almost three-quarters (74%) of the physicians surveyed use a smartphone for professional purposes, a 9% increase year-over-year. Further, more than one-third (38%) use both a smartphone and a tablet for professional purposes.

When looking at all physicians surveyed, about 43% say they use their smartphones to reference drug data – a 13% year-over-year increase– and 39% find/perform clinical calculations, up from 35% in 2012. The study also found that 31% of all doctors make prescribing decisions by smartphone, a 10% increase year-over-year.

Perhaps most interesting is that of all of the tasks that are tracked on smartphone in the study, not one showed a decrease year-over-year, demonstrating how deeply ingrained smartphone usage is becoming in the medical workplace.Kantar Media

To quote the great Ron Popeil; but wait, there’s more! High mobile device adoption and use among physicians is by no means limited to the workplace. Here is another study from Kanter Media showing that doctors are highly like to be on a smart phone when they are not in an office or hospital treating patients – which is also when, not coincidentally, they are most likely to look at new practice opportunities!
The second most popular location to use either device was off-hours while out of the home followed by breaks/mealtimes while on duty.

Although doctors are more likely to use smartphones versus tablets for professional purposes, we found that device users are more likely to use tablets over smartphones while in their homes. Conversely, doctors are more likely to use smartphones over tablets in all other locations we studied, including while commuting/traveling and in between examinations/consultations. Kantar Media

For even the most technology savvy people the concept and process of mobile optimizing a web site can be daunting. For recruiters the process of making your jobs optimized so physicians can find them on their smart phones is actually pretty simple – follow these steps:
  • Look at your job postings on the job boards you post with and your own web site using a smart phone. Do you have to pinch and zoom with your fingers in order to view and use the web site? If so, you can be rest assured that passive job seeking physicians with little or no time on their hands are NOT looking at your jobs on their smart phones.
  • Don’t have access to a smart phone or the time to punch URLs into your mobile web browser? Use Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test tool from your computer to test your web site and the job boards you post on to see if they are a) mobile-optimized for use by people like physicians, and b) are ready for Google’s latest ranking algorithm change. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test can be found HERE.
  • If the job boards you post with and/or your own web site is not mobile optimized contact your representative at the MedJobNetwork and Frontline Medical Communications today. Our physician job board called the MedJobNetwork reaches over 1,000,000 physicians and advanced practice clinicians AND has been mobile-optimized for well over a year. In addition, we can give you a white label version of our job board technology that gets your in-house recruitment web site mobile optimized and ready for Mobile-geddon in about a day!