How Physician Recruiters Can Uncover Hidden Talent (formerly known as Passive Job Seekers)

ERE, a leading web site accessed by recruiters for industry news and advice, published this cleverly and accurately titled article called “Passive Candidates — Valuable, Yes, but They’re Not Passive Nor Are They Candidates”. Here is an excerpt:
Using the term “passive candidate” is just wrong for so many reasons. First, these recruiting targets haven’t applied for anything, so they can’t be classified as candidates (the correct name for those who have not applied is prospects). Calling them “passive job seekers” is equally inaccurate because they are not in fact currently seeking a job. And finally, they can’t accurately be called “passive” because they are definitely not passive individuals. In fact they are frequently bold and aggressive individuals while on the job.

The only thing that these prospects are passive about is looking for a new job. First, they are disinterested because they already have a job. In addition, because they are also top performers, they are likely to have a good manager and to be treated well, which means they have no business reason to look for a new job outside their current firm.

Once you understand the proper name to call them, you still have a major problem because “not-looking top prospects” can simply never be reached through normal recruiting channels (because almost all of these approaches are designed for prospects who are “actively” looking for a job). Read full article on ERE

After reading this article I coined the phase “hidden talent” which, quite frankly, I like much better than ERE’s “not-looking top prospects” as the proper name for passive job seekers. But unless this blog post goes viral overnight let’s stick with “not-looking top prospects” as the more accurate term for describing virtually all physicians in the US.

If normal recruiting channels like job boards and candidate databases are not where physicians are where can physician recruiters go to uncover hidden talent (I changed my mind – I like my phase better after all)? Here is how the MedJobNetwork’s Intelligent Sourcing tool will be of value to you:

  • (A very different kind of) Candidate Database – to the ERE article’s first point that generally the top talent don’t apply for jobs – the MedJobNetwork shows you profiles of candidates who view physician jobs but have not applied for them. These are not the stale CVs and searchable profiles in traditional candidates databases that other job boards sell to every recruiter – the MedJobNetwork shows you profiles of real physicians who are interested in just YOUR jobs.
  • Social Media – has come into its own as a recruiting strategy. The hurdle for physician recruiters is that social media costs money as an additional sourcing tool whilst the number of doctors on it is still an unknown – until now. Using proprietary technology the MedJobNetwork finds the social media profiles of physicians who are active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and makes them available to you at no additional charge!
  • Content Recruitment Marketing – there are 30+ non-traditional recruiting channels where we can guarantee you will find physicians; the medical news and clinical web sites owned and operated by Frontline Medical Communications (the parent company of the MedJobNetwork). Banner and text ads, email marketing, and sponsored content (white papers, e-Books, etc.) are all tactics we can deploy on your behalf across our vast network of partner physician web sites.

To learn more about the MedJobNetwork’s Intelligent Sourcing solution please view our brief (less than 2 minutes) yet highly informative video: