Post Perfect Training Program: Job Posting Writing Services

There are many recruiters that realize the value of their time and would rather use it for other tasks, aside from writing online recruitment content, including job postings. For those recruiters and companies, Enchanted Careers, LLC is willing to take that task completely off their hands and contract to write this content for them.


Our team of Certified Online Recruitment Content Specialists are available to create the best possible job postings for you, utilizing proven industry best practices. All writing is done by our team that has been rigorously trained and certified to help you to attain the absolute best possible content by the Association of Certified Online Recruitment Content Specialists’ premier academy. When you purchase Job Posting Writing Services, you will be matched with the Certified Online Recruitment Content Specialist, who will act as your personal content concierge, available to you on an as needed, on call basis, and will work with you one-on-one to create your job postings.